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ABSLOTS July 05, 2017

The online casino websites are everyday growing, multiplying and getting more and more popular.  Also, the mobile gaming world is used by millions of people, every hour, every day, every week.

If you are not a professional player, then you should not trust the casino business, until you study it and you comprehend it. Like anything in life, we should be informed before we make a decision.

If you are a player that is trying for the first time an online casino game, an online slot machine or any other online gambling, then you should go for bitcoins. This method is perfect if you want a secure, easy, uncomplicated, and very simple way to get your money in or out of your casino account.

Besides the US dollar, Euro or the Pound Sterling, you can now wager your earned hand using bitcoins. If you are a professional player, a beginner or the CEO of an online casino website, we advise you to use the bitcoin deposit method. Plus, as a CEO, the operational costs will more even smaller if you use this payment method.


Why choose this deposit method: Bitcoin Casino?

- Great benefits;

- It’s simple;

- It’s secure;

- It’s safe;

- The number of online casinos that offer bitcoins as a payment method is everyday growing;

What are Bitcoin Casinos? - Definition

A bitcoin casino that offers you the possibility to pay with bitcoins it is called a bitcoin casino. Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital crypto-currency that has grown into the most popular payment method in the last years. There are casinos that will only deal with bitcoins, but also casinos that give you the opportunity to choose between bitcoins or traditional payment methods.

Advantages over traditional methods

More than that, casinos that choose traditional payment method are behind casinos that choose to work with casinos that use bitcoins as payment.

The advantage is that classic casinos that use traditional payment methods are spending a lot of money on the payment process, on banking and on the customer service staff. If you make the math, the casinos that use bitcoins are in the advantage.


That’s right! When you are using bitcoin, you get velocity because it’s so much fast that traditional online casinos. This is an important factor that any player and any online casino owner must consider.

The most common way to get bitcoins is through bank transfer. After that, you will have a bitcoin address, which you will use when you decide to make transactions with an online casino.

To deposit money into a casino account is very fast and it will cost you nothing. After the transaction it will be confirmed, you are ready to play bitcoin poker, bitcoin dice game or any other gambling online game and to have a lot of fun!

Games and fun

At bitcoin casinos, you will find the same games that the traditional online casino offer. So this is not a reason to be worried about. You will love the diversity of the online games.

What if I want my winnings?

All you have to do for getting your winnings is to send the coins to the exchange service’s address. You will have to sell your bitcoins in exchange for money.


Tip: We recommend you to buy your online wallet if you want to keep your bitcoins safe and secure. Protect it with a password and you will be safe!

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