Responsible Gaming

ABSLOTS recommends you to enjoy the experience that the products and services of the website offer you exclusively for entertainment and relaxation in a responsible way.
Mostly, the games offered and promoted by ABSLOTS are free and do not require paying any fees for participation, direct or hidden. The games that are offered are meant to be practiced only for recreation, they do not belong to the category gambling as defined by legislation. However, including free games, like those offered by ABSLOTS, these games should be practiced with a dose of caution and foresight to make sure that they do not turn into a bad habit.

Preventive measures that we are taking are designed to educate users and encourage a responsible attitude in general, both in terms of gambling and recreational games such as those provided by ABSLOTS. Also, ABSLOTS selects users based on age to ensure that first contact with games of this kind is taken by the people who have reached the maturity to understand their potential risk, risk that is found to be in greater abundance and anonymity of the online environment.

1. The prohibition of access by minors

ABSLOTS displays materials that could have a negative impact on minors or on vulnerable persons. Although ABSLOTS does not provide cash games to its users, many of the materials found on site reccommends, presents, evaluates, characterize or promotes various categories of gambling. This class of materials is intended for an experienced audience. For these reasons the services provided by ABSLOTS are not addressed and are not intended for minors. Participation of minors in remote gaming activities provided by ABSLOTS is prohibited. When you visit the site, you declare at your own risk that you’ve aged 18 years.

ABSLOTS takes all possible measures to prevent minors from accessing the site. However, ABSLOTS does not require any proof of the user’s age, so the access that is realized is made at your own risk. If a person who has not attained the age of 18 will try to access the site and ABSLOTS will take note of this, that user’s access to the site will be banned from the moment ABSLOTS will learn this information. ABSLOTS reserves the right to access and verify any IPs transmitted or collected, and whether the information thus obtained ABSLOTS concludes that the supplier of that IP is a minor, the site’s administrator will take, in the shortest time, the measures for blocking the IP adress and to delete any information and corresponding with that IP from our records.

If you are concerned that the minors in your care have unsupervised access to this site or any other inappropriate online material, you can restrict their access to the site by using one of the many filtering software such as NetNanny, CyberSnoop, CyperPatrol, Contentwatch, Netmom. You can also send a notification by e-mail to [email protected] to report this, at which ABSLOTS will make due diligence to block access in the future for that user to ABSLOTS.

2. Recommended measures to prevent and treat addiction

Gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder characterized by recurrent failure to resist the urge to play despite severe negative consequences that are present in the personal, social, professional or family plan. It is a problem that interferes with a person’s ability to work with the responsibility that could prove at home or at work and with its intersocial relations.

The highest risk of addiction is represented by gambling money games. However, not infrequently, free online games can cause behavioral disorders. If you believe that, in your case personally or if a loved one practices this kind of games and it loses the control, we wish to inform you that are available many resources that would help you understand your problem, so you will be able to get help later, if necessary. To identify a possible addiction, we recommend you to check if you experience any of the symptoms described by the specialized agencies in the field (eg the American Psychiatric Association, the criteria presented in the DSM-5).
Also, if you suspect but you are not convinced that you have a problem with gambling, there are forms that you can complete or tests for you to do so you can know with certainty whether or not you experience symptoms of a compulsive gambler. These forms can be found online and it is advisable to choose some to be carried out by a recognized institute of psychology.

Although we were tempted to believe that the risk of addiction is higher when the stakes in play are elevated, statistics have shown that most of the players that are playing extremely small stakes, but frequently, are exposed to the same risk of developing behavioral disorders. The fact that you frequently use gambling sites, or the fact that you enjoy playing high stakes, it does not necessarily mean that you became a compulsive gambler. There is nothing wrong with the occasional game. Your attitude towards the game is the most important.

Herein lies the difference between pathological, social and professional games of chance. Social game of chance is conducted together with friends for a limited period of time and aims to create a state of good humor and fun. Also, the professional game of chance shall follow strict discipline and aims to provide income from these activities. The pathological player is different from the other types because of the motivation.

The pathological player plays to escape boredom, problems at home or to recoup losses, he no longer feels any joy of the game and the associated adverse consequences are states of depression, anxiety, trouble communicating and networking with others. The most conclusive symptom remains the craving, the recurrent failure to resist the impulse to play, despite the negative consequences that it produces.

3. Self-exclusion. Limiting the amounts or the playing time.

Most gambling pages provide you so much information, advice and concrete ways to track your player profile and to self-assess your behavior, to block the promotional materials, to limit the total amounts you play or even to auto-exclude you temporarily or permanently from gambling sites. When you chose to have the option of self-exclusion for a specific period, in that period you will no longer be allowed to play or access your account. Basically you will be able to request the return of the balance.
You can even block your own access to all betting platforms using special software designed for this purpose, such as Betfilter,, or

4. Organizations that specialize in treating gambling addiction

However, in most cases, this kind of condition is difficult to treat without help. Anonymous Gamblers Association (G.A.) is the best known in the world in helping compulsive gamblers. Gambling Therapy also provides support groups, live chat or e-mail counseling. This service can be used for free. Other non-governmental associations that are available are Gamecare, Gordon House Association, National Problem Gambling CNWL, Cygnet Health Care.

Other opinions argue that an open approach is more effective. Philip Mawer was addicted to gambling, without any specialized training. He proposed a model of treatment for gambling addiction, Gamblers Allowed, drawing from his own experience. Assuming that anonymity is an additional burden that those who suffer from addiction must bear, he recommends players to follow these steps:

a) accept the fact that you should tell those who are close to you that you have a problem with the habitual game of chance and give up the idea to remain anonymous;
b) share with others the size and severity of your addiction problem;
c) find new alternative activities to occupy your time, activities that you used to play before;
d) recognizes the healing power of music;
e) accept that there is nothing wrong with you if you were a habitual game of chance player; assume your responsibility and your healing.

As you can see, there are various institutions and organizations that provide you with countless remedies. You can call any of them depending on the approach that suits you. If you find yourself in a similar situation as the above described, you may look for help within the shortest time.
To prevent is certainly much easier than cure. We recommend you to use the limitations that are available on the gambling websites to keep a clear record of the hours that you spent playing, the amounts spent, so you will have an overview of your gaming activity and you can keep things under control. Always keep in mind what motivates you to play and remember that the only healthy motivation is entertainment. Do not play if you have a personality prone to addiction, do not play to satisafce emotional needs or to recover amounts lost.