Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack



Game Description

Starting out

One of the most popular table games among casino players is for sure, Blackjack.
As the rest of games, it has a particular set of rules that needs to be followed to make a win against the house.
A game of blackjack can include between 1-7 players, besides the dealer.
Each of them plays against the house regardless of others.
The objective is to value your cards to a maximum of 21 or closer to it than the dealer, without overdrawing.
A hand going over 21 is a bust and means you've lost your bet.

At the table

Place a bet and look at the two cards that are dealt to you.
You then get the chance to “hit”, meaning draw an additional card or “stay” to keep what you have.
Our dealer must always stay at 17.
The value of a player's hand is calculated the same as the dealer's.
You sum the value of the cards, with the King, Queen and Jack starting at 10 each.
Cards from 2 to 10 are according to their number and an Ace can be played as a 1 or a 11, depending on its role on a hand.

Happy occurrences

The Natural hand is when the first two cards that a player/dealer is dealt with are the Ace and a face card, equaling directly 21.
Splitting pairs might occur if the user holds two cards with the same value.
You now have the option to split into two different hands and play them independently.
The second hand requires a new bet and a player is allowed multiple resplits up to 3 or 4.
Doubling down happens when you place a double bet on the first two cards.
When you use this, you can only draw one more card pet bet.
Work with this when you have a strong hand or the dealer could easily bust.
You get Insurance when the dealer receives an Ace face up.
Half of your main bet is put aside as insurance in case the dealer gets a 21.
It's usually a waste of money because if there is no 21 for the dealer you simply lose your credits.

Try chances

After all the info we've gathered, there's really not much differences between any blackjack games.
Our advice is to feel free and try out as many as you like to find the version that appeals the most to you.

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