American Roulette

American Roulette



Game Description

Starting basics

Although it has European roots, the roulette quickly became popular in America as well.
We'll call it the cousin of the European roulette as it has mostly the same rules but just minor adjustments.
Start off with 38 pockets. 36 of them are numbered and the other two pockets are kept for the zeros.
You don't have to guess the exact number as there is a variety of options that you can choose from.
Either begin by making inside bets, that cover mostly numbers or outside bets that spread out on large portions of the wheel.

House edges

The main striking difference is that this version contains two zero pockets, as opposed to the other one which only has one.
This fact increases the house's edges to win.
If you're a risk taker or simply feel lucky, you can choose to play this one.
But mathematically, the chances of the player winning are significantly increased when taking out a pocket.

Wheel conclusions

If you have to choose between either versions, pick which one suits your play style more.
Yes, this one might have increased chances for the house to win but you never know how it might play out for you!

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