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ABSLOTS July 05, 2017

Hello, players! Hello iGaming affiliates and hello everyone who’s interested in the iGaming industry. Right now, we’re trying hard to write these lines down, as we’re already packing for Malta.

What’s there? Right now… nice weather, maybe. But in November, the event of the year for us and for all the iGaming stakeholders: The Summit Of iGaming, and after we will tell you more about it, you’ll start to understand that WE’RE NOT CRAZY when we say we are already packing for the conference. Maybe you’ll do too. Especially if you’re an affiliate.

SiGMA - the iGaming event which stands above the rest

As iGaming affiliates, we struggle to find every opportunity we can to improve the experiences we’re delivering to the players around the world. And believe us when we tell you that it’s not easy at all to do your best when the world is in a permanent change and when you must keep up with everything that’s new.

This is why an event such The Malta iGaming Summit makes us so excited that we start to pack when there are at least eight months until we’re going! But SiGMA is no like other events; SiGMA stands above the rest due to the effort its organizers put to create a strong iGaming community, for start.

SiGMA brings together 100 speakers, 200 exhibitors and sponsors and over 6000 delegates for four days, in Malta (where the iGaming industry rocks). This is the 4th edition of the summit, and each year it became better and better, based on the previous edition’s success.

And this year, it will be even greater, as the organizers moved the event from the InterContinental arena to the Malta Fairs and Convention Center, creating an iGaming village with awesome atmosphere. Still wondering why you should start packing? Well, let’s see: this “village” has six themed bars, three themed restaurants and two large themed lounge areas. That should do it. Now you can start packing.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that 1000 affiliates will get free plane tickets to Malta! Finally, another thing we appreciate about SiGMA is the Start-Up Pitch section – where start-ups and investors are given the chance to meet, discuss and maybe collaborate.

Players are the first to benefit

Some of you still don’t understand our enthusiasm. And we get it. But you must know that our participation to The Malta iGaming Summit is important for all the players. Everything we do, we do for them. Because we understand the importance of having a unique gaming experience.

First thing first, at SiGMA we will meet a lot of iGaming software providers and we will be able to discuss with them some deals. We’ll find out more about the slot games’ release dates, about trends, about the improvements they’re making to deliver a better gaming experience; and so, we will be able to share with you in a way or another all that we learned, so that you’ll feel the center of our universe.

So, let’s start counting the days, shall we?

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