About us

Do you believe perfection just happens

No, it means lots of hard work and getting back on your feet after you've failed. That's how ABSLOTS was brought to life. That's how we manage to do business everyday, having one single motto: “no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up”.


We know that almost all companies have this traditional way of telling who they are. But traditional isn't us. We are innovators. How did we get there? Well, it's not that easy to say.

Before developing ABSLOTS, a free online gaming platform, there was nothing. Even God created everything out of nothing. Let's just say we followed the same way. Because if you look at this planet it's the biggest creation ever and we didn't want to be less than that.

We believe we made it! Because we have achieved, after months and months of being here at work everyday, to make you a winner by offering you a huge collection of online casino slot machines. And it's getting bigger each day just like the world did after it came to life.


There are years now since we first made our appearance in the online gaming industry. But what if this place never existed? It could've almost happened if it weren't for a few people who changed our life.

You see, some time ago, we knew we didn't want a full-time job anymore. It was too stressful and we simply didn't feel any kind of pleasure in going to an office where we lived the same routine every day. When it came to think about it, we first decided to try out freelance work. It paid well. Not at well as we would've wanted to, and we still had dead-lines to fulfill, so it pretty much felt like we still had a boss, which we didn't like at all.

Then we looked around and decided to be our own bosses, to develop our own business. One that would be great. What could work we asked ourselves? And bang! There it was. As simple as it could be. The online environment and the Internet was taking over the world. And so would we. Step by step.

We looked for talented people – the best in the branch – to develop what we call today ABSLOTS. We believe we achieved greatness. Most of all we hope you believe it too and join our site.

How it works

On our online gaming platform, you will find all the information you need and all the games you want to play using a very convenient search button you will see in the left menu. Stay informed while reading casino reviews or our dedicated blog. Even more, discover your winning chances and how big the jackpots grow so that you can become the ultimate player.